Screen Printing

Your Brand or Design on T-Shirts, Bags & More.

Screen printing is a great way to express yourself and an essential part of marketing. Here are some of the many businesses, organizations, and individual events that use screen-printed apparel.

Who Uses Screen Printing

Food Trucks – Family Reunions – Fire Departments – Non-Profits – Boutique Shops – Churches – Schools – YouTubers – Streamers – Sports Bars – Sports Teams – Politicians – Veterinary Clinics – Hospitals – Construction Crews – Gardening/Lawn Services – A/C Heating – Funeral Services

What Can We Print On

T-Shirts – Tank Tops – Hoodies – Team Sports Uniforms – Polos – Workwear – Tote Bags- Koozies – Rally Towels – Safety Vests – Jackets – Shorts – Pants – Under Garments – Dresses – Drawstring Bags- Backpacks

Screen Printing Services

Custom Apparel – Water-Based Inks – Specialty Inks – Glow in the Dark Ink – Glitter Ink -No Show Ink – Inside Neck Tag – Fold & Bag


How it works.



Every great prints starts with a stellar design. BYOD or have our graphic team assist you with bringing your vision to life.



Designs have been finalized, materials have been selected. It’s time to prepare your chosen surface for printing.



We work quickly and efficiently to get you your awesome apparel, so you can get out there and wear what matters.

Our Services

Screen Printing

Aka Silk Screening, is the process of transferring a stenciled design onto a flat surface using a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee.


ideal for large orders

Screen Printing is the way to go for large orders. Orders over 24+ pieces are recommend. Or else it can get quite expensive.

Custom Color Options

Screen Printing gives you access to a higher level or color options and design details

Long Lifespan and durability

The ink is heat cured, therefore the garments can withstand the roughness of machine washing.

Lots of Material Options

No other printing option can do what screen printing does. It’s versatile and flexible when it comes to print material. Screen printing can print onto almost any surface, as long as it’s flat. This includes, apparel, totes, hats, plastic, metal , wood, paper, and so much more!

Customizable Options

Screen Printing allows you to really get creative and create something unique. Try adding specialty inks and textures to your apparel. Add some flare with glitter, glow in the dark, puffy ink, suede & more.


Longer Turn Around Times

Screen printing works well with simple graphics and solid colors. If you are looking for something more detailed keep in mind that the turn around time will be longer. Or think about using Sublimation Printing for your print method instead.

Expensive for Small Orders

Screen Printing can get expensive, that is why we reccomend larger orders of 24+. This ensures you get the most cost effective option based unpon your needs. 

More Colors = More Expensive

With Screen Printing keep in mind how many colors are in your design. There are additional costs per color used and also added fees for set up when using more that one color.
  • Ink Colors
  • Specialty Inks
  • Shirt Color
  • Print Location
  • Add Ons

Ink Colors

Here is a list of standard colors that are ready to go. If you’re looking for a custom color to personalize your shirts to the max, let us know! We have other options available.

Custom Inks

Don’t see the color you want? We can mix custom Pantone colors. View Pantone PDF

Color Tip

Keep your shirt color in mind when choosing ink colors. You don’t want them to clash.

Specialty Inks

Specialty inks are great for adding texture and flare. Standout and create unique apparel. Curious? Reach out to learn more about specialty inks. 

Custom Inks

Don’t see the color you want? We can mix custom Pantone colors. View Pantone PDF

Think Outside the Box

Make your design stand out by choosing to use a specialty ink.

Shirt Color

You have the ability to choose any shirt color when it comes to Screen Printing. Check out the options below. Please note, we are using Gildan as a reference, other colors are available.

Color Tip

Keep your ink color in mind when choosing shirt colors. You don’t want them to clash.

Picking the Right Shirt

Picking the right shirt for the job may seem overwhelming. Contact us and we will help find the best fit.

Print Location

Here are the most common print locations. If you are interested in other print locations please reach out to our team.

Can't Pick Just One?

We can print in more than one location.

Printable Size

Keep in mind a standard print size is 12″x14″ or smaller.

Add Ons

Looking to add a professional touch to your order, check out these add ons. Some of the most popular add ons are, folding, bagging, and tagging. 

Tag Printing – Custom branded inside tags are a great way to give your brand an extra touchpoint in a stylish, memorable way. These tags will go a long way in giving your t-shirts a more custom, retail-quality finish.
Foil Printing – Foil screen printing is applied to your garments by first printing your design with a special glue. We then adhere the foil to the glue with our heat press. The combination of heat and pressure seals the foil before the excess is removed. The results are always sure to turn heads and create smiles.
Shirt Flattening – (Heat Press or Flattening Screen) Shirt Flattening is needed when you want the highest quality, smoothest print. We heat press the shirt to flatten the fibers to make sure the ink lays evenly and smoothly.
Folding & Polybagging – Your customers will experience a new level of satisfaction when they receive their shirt folded and neatly wrapped. By delivering your apparel in either a custom package or a plain polymailer, you project professionalism and refinement in order to be truly retail ready.
Hang Tags – Branded hang tags instantly help elevate your shirts from good to genuinely professional apparel. Use hang tags to display relevant information like size, cost and information about your brand in a cool, stylish way.
Custom Pantone Color – The Pantone® color matching system is an excellent way for clients to communicate their colors choices to the graphic artist, and vice-versa. For instance, you tell us you want your design to be printed in ‘blue’ ink. In your mind you may be thinking of an aqua blue, but in ours we may be thinking a royal blue. With Pantone® you can simply say: “I want Blue 305C” and we will know EXACTLY what blue you want!
Sizing Stickers – Adding clothing size stickers to your order is generally a good logistical decision for your retailers or picking/packing/shipping department. From the retailers’ standpoint, sizing stickers let your customers easily locate their desired size. From the picking/packing/shipping department’s standpoint, stickers can speed the picking and size verification process prior to shipping. *we offer circular sizing stickers

Other Options

Printing Services


Is a form of digital printing that uses a specialized printer to transfer a design into a material using ink and heat.

Ideal for small to medium orders

Sublimation is great for small orders anything from 1 single item to 20 items works best and remains cost-effective. 

Ideal for full-color designs

Sublimation allows you to print more intricate designs and colors at no additional cost. However, sublimation is limited to printing on light garments.

No feel ink

Sublimation uses a process that infuses the ink straight into the material. You literally can’t feel the printed area. Compared to vinyl or screen printing, in those processes the design lays on top so you can feel a slight raised texture where the design is printed.


Vinyl printing uses vinyl to create graphics on apparel using a cutting machine, weeding, and a heat press.

Ideal for small orders

Vinyl is great for small runs up to 16 pieces. 

Ideal for Simple Graphics

If you are looking to print basic shapes or text-based designs vinyl is for you! Vinyl works best with simple and clean designs. Vinyl does not work will intricate designs.

More Positioning Options

With vinyl, you can, for the most part, place your design anywhere! That’s because the design is cut into pieces. This allows us to have more flexibility and options when positioning the design onto whatever desired material. 


Great Experience. Best Service EVER!

They helped me with a last-minute holiday order, it came out perfect in such a short time, they kept me updated and delivered on time. Such a good business and nice people 💜

Maya M

What a great experience from initial consultation to completion! HP gave me recommendations and provided multiple options to have an understanding of the comfort level of each shirt. They were very patient with my revisions of my design for production of the shirts. Lastly, the care given to the completion of the order was "on target" and the timeline exceeded my expectations. Will order again soon. Thank You AA

Arthur A.

Your Brand or Design on T-Shirts, Bags & More.

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