Sublimation Printing

Your Brand or Design on T-Shirts, Bags & More.

Sublimation printing is a great option for small orders. It’s quick, affordable and offers a huge selection of items that can be printed on.

Who Uses Sublimation Printing

Teachers – Friends – Moms – Small Business Owners – Entertainers – Brides – Maid of Honor – Bachelorette Parties – Girls Trip – Sports Memorabilia – Sports Fans – Disney Bounding – Baby Showers – Graduations

What Can We Print On

Mugs – Tumblers – Plates – Hats – Bags & Totes – Bandanas – Masks – Wood – Cutting Boards – Bookmarks – Notebooks – Ceramics – Koozies – Keychains – Metal – Glass – Dish Towels – Towels – Apparel – Pillowcases – Ornaments – Bibs – Coasters – Phone Cases – Pet Accessories – Wine Totes – Flags

Sublimation Printing Services

Holiday Gifts – Birthday Gifts – Personalized Items – Small Businesses – Hostess Gifts – Pet Accessories – School Supplies – Keepsakes – Memorabilia – Custom Apparel – Custom Items


How it works.



Every great prints starts with a stellar design. BYOD or have our graphic team assist you with bringing your vision to life.



Designs have been finalized, materials have been selected. It’s time to prepare your chosen surface for printing.



We work quickly and efficiently to get you your awesome apparel, so you can get out there and wear what matters.

Our Services

Sublimation Printing

Is a form of digital printing that uses a specialized printer to transfer a design into a material using ink and heat.


Ideal for small to medium orders

Sublimation is great for small orders. Anything from 1 to 20 items works best and remains cost-effective.

Ideal for full-color designs

Sublimation allows you to print more intricate designs and colors at no additional cost. However, sublimation is limited to printing on light garments.

No feel ink

Sublimation uses a process that infuses the ink straight into the material. You literally can’t feel the printed area. Compared to vinyl and certain types of screen printing. In those processes the design lays on top so you can feel a slight raised texture where the design is printed.

Long Lifespan and durability

The sublimation print is heat infused, to the desired material. Therefore the sublimated item tends to be more durable and withstand everyday use. 

Perfect for Printing Photographs

Sublimation printing is great for sharing, and preserving those memorable photographed moments. Transfer your favorite photos to any surface. Works best on flat surfaces and light materials. 

Quick Turnaround

The process of Sublimation tends to be fast compared to Vinyl and Screen Printing. Making it a great option for a last minute gift.

*If you are in need of a rush order please reach out to us ASAP.

Affordable for small orders

Sublimation is a great route to take when you are looking to customize a small batch of items. 


Can only print on Light materials

Sublimation only works with white or a light-colored print area. Unfortunately, we can not sublimate directly onto black or dark colored surfaces.

*We do offer a hybrid servive using Sublimation Vinyl which allows us to print sublimation onto heat transfer vinyl.

Require a High Quality Image

Sublimation Printing works best with a high resolution image, vector, or graphic. Keep in mind that low resolution photos may looks pixelated or grainy when printed. Make sure to look at our Art Specs when sending us artwork.

  • Material Options
  • Colors
  • Add Ons

Material Options

Sublimation offers a huge selection of items that you can print on. Basically you can sublimate onto anything that is flat, white or light colored.

Here is a small list of popular items that sublimation can be used:

Ceramic Mugs | Water Bottles | Coasters | Metals | Magnetic Sheets | Plaques | Name Badges | License plates | Car flags | Mouse Pads | Fabric Puzzles | Ceramic Tiles | Glass Tiles | Poker Chips | T-Shirts & Apparel and more!

Advantages of Sublimation

Sublimation allows you to print full colored images onto a hard surface, with no additional color costs!


Sublimation works best on white and light colored items. 

Sublimation Vinyl

Sublimation is recommended for white or light-colored substrates to yield optimum results. So if you are looking to print onto a darker color material we recommend using sublimation vinyl. This allows you to sublimate directly onto vinyl. Reach out to us to learn more about this option and style of printing. 

Add Ons

Looking to add a professional touch to your order? Check out the add-ons listed below. Some of the most popular add ons are Gift Wrapping, Sizing Stickers, and Folding.


Packaging/Gift Wrapping – Is your order a gift for someone special? We can wrap your item in a high quality bag to surprise them with your custom made gift.


Printed Card – Add a personalized message to your custom gift order. Let us know what you want the message to be and we will type a small 2’x3′ message card to include with your order.


Price Sticker – Add a price tag to your items to speed up the time you receive the item to putting in on the shelf to sell.


Folding & Polybagging – Your customers will experience a new level of satisfaction when they receive their shirt folded and neatly wrapped. By delivering your apparel in either a custom package or a plain polymailer, you project professionalism and refinement in order to be truly retail ready.


Sizing Stickers – Adding clothing size stickers to your order is generally a good logistical decision for your retailers or picking/packing/shipping department. From the retailers’ standpoint, sizing stickers let your customers easily locate their desired size. From the picking/packing/shipping department’s standpoint, stickers can speed the picking and size verification process prior to shipping. *we offer circular sizing stickers.


Hang Tags – Branded hang tags instantly help elevate your shirts from good to genuinely professional apparel. Use hang tags to display relevant information like size, cost and information about your brand in a cool, stylish way.

Other Options

Printing Services

Screen Printing

Aka Silk Screening, is the process of transferring a stenciled design onto a flat surface using a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee.

ideal for large orders

Screen Printing is the way to go for large orders. Orders over 24+ pieces are recommend. Or else it can get quite expensive.

Custom Color Options

Screen Printing gives you access to a higher level or color options and design details

Long Lifespan and durability

The ink is heat cured, therefore the garments can withstand the roughness of machine washing.


Vinyl printing uses vinyl to create graphics on apparel using a cutting machine, weeding, and a heat press.

Ideal for small orders

Vinyl is great for small runs up to 16 garments. 

Ideal for Simple Graphics

If you are looking to print basic shapes or text-based designs vinyl is for you! Vinyl works best with simple and clean designs. Vinyl does not work will intricate designs.

More Positioning Options

With vinyl, you can, for the most part, place your design anywhere! That’s because the design is cut into pieces. This allows us to have more flexibility and options when positioning the design onto whatever desired material. 


Great Experience. Best Service EVER!

They helped me with a last-minute holiday order, it came out perfect in such a short time, they kept me updated and delivered on time. Such a good business and nice people 💜

Maya M

What a great experience from initial consultation to completion! HP gave me recommendations and provided multiple options to have an understanding of the comfort level of each shirt. They were very patient with my revisions of my design for production of the shirts. Lastly, the care given to the completion of the order was "on target" and the timeline exceeded my expectations. Will order again soon. Thank You AA

Arthur A.

Your Brand or Design on T-Shirts, Bags & More.

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